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Single at a wedding

Does it suck to be single when you attend a wedding?

It depends. If you barely know the spouses and their family (because the wife or the husband is a coworker for example), it doesn’t matter. Especially if among the people, you’re not the only one who’s single.

But if one of the spouses is your relative, you will inevitably get the “when are you going to get married?” question.

When my sister got married three years ago, my father and my uncles all asked me the same question. At the time, I was severely broken hearted, and two of my friends accepted to accompany me at the wedding for moral support.I remember during the evening  one of my friends who kept on watching me. And from time to time, she asked me if I was OK. You can imagine I didn’t particularly enjoy that day.

Recently, it was my cousin’s turn. I didn’t get the inevitable question this time. My family had other plans. When I look for my seat at the table, I noticed they placed me next to a guy who was one of my cousin’s  best friends. When he finally came to the table, he looked really satisfied at first, as if he knew who would seat next to him. He started to say I was lucky (!). And then, he couldn’t stop talking. At some point, everyone around us left the table because the room was too hot. And he kept on talking. I pretended to have to go the bathroom to cut his conversation. And didn’t get back to my seat until the meals were served.

I was really pissed off. Because I felt people try to set me with the guy, who was not appealing at all, and always talking about himself. He was not even funny. Do I look desperate? Now, I’m a little bit angry at my cousin. Especially since I noticed there were other single people in the room. And not seated next to the bachelor/ bachelorette of the evening.

If I’m single, it’s because I haven’t found the right man. And this man, I want to find him alone. Because I know what I want in a man. And I’m the only one who knows.