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Merci pour ce moment

So, I read Valerie Trierwieler’s book “Merci pour ce moment” (thank you for this moment). Usually, I stay away from books which are hype for a wrong reason. But I realized I read very bad reviews about this book and critics on its author, so I wanted to make my own opinion on this book.

I felt close to her, to be honest. She wrote about how her relationship with the President of France started and its end. How she left her life to start an new one with him, only to get rejected at the end for an actress who comes from a very wealthy and powerful family.

Valerie Trierwieler reminds in her book she comes from a middle class family, like most the the French population. To put that in perspective, it’s like Michelle Obama, who came from a poor family, got dumped for a socialite like Paris Hilton (ok, not her, but someone who comes from a wealthy and powerful family like the Hiltons).

But she also explains how the presidency of France changed everything between François Hollande and her. How stressful and bitter it was.

As we know, France has been difficult to govern since the beginning of François Hollande’s mandate. And he disappointed a lot his citizens.He made his campaign against the world of finance. “My enemy is the Finance” he said in his famous speech at Le Bourget in January 2012. 

Since then, the French government voted a very light regulation against its banks, which pushed some journalists to write this book, “My friend is the Finance“.

The French government has already fallen four times now, due to internal fights in the socialist party, scandals like the Cahuzac/Morelle ones, and the rise of the right wing nationalist party Front National at the last regional elections.

And François Hollande has already made several mistakes, by playing it solo. Valerie Trierwieler reminds in her book about the infamous episode when she tweeted her support to the candidate who was running against Ségolène Royal, Francois Hollande’s ex and mother of their four children, for La Rochelle legislative department back in 2012. All of Francois Hollande’s counselors told him to remain distant from this battle, but he chose to support Ségolène Royal,  parachuted at La Rochelle, who got defeated by voters.

This book is the one of someone who loved and lost the one she loved. Unfortunately, many of great personalities have a desperate significant other at their side. And Valerie Trierweiler is not an exception.


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