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Sugar Daddies on the rise

The Atlantic recently wrote a piece called “How sugar daddies  are financing college students”. The article explains how an dating site played a pivotal role in this evolution, as students can register for free while men have to pay up to 1,200 dollars for their membership. Men who register to Seeking Arrangement apparently look for sex, but sometimes companionship too. That’s why college educated women, much younger than them, are sought after, more than other young women. “They look for a woman who can understand what they do, accompany him to company events, and talk with their friends” writes the article. This a very cynical relationship.  Because let’s be honest, basically, it’s a financial relationship between a wealthy and old man and a young and sometimes penniless woman. In my country, there is no dating site like that. But there are a lot of escort agencies, located around key business places. One of my friends has seen a lot of young women meeting older men in a very famous hotel in my city, located near the chic avenue where you can often see ferraris and porsches parked in the parking lot. But College educated women? Wow. This says a lot about how expensive College studies have become in the USA. A lot of students get into debt to finance their studies, as the costs got multiplied by ten over the last ten years. In other words, students have become more fragile. Meanwhile, at Wall Street, business men have seen their stock options rebounding and their bonuses on the rise since the financial crisis. And most economists, like the Nobel Prize Joseph Stiglitz, have ringed the alarm about the rising wealth inequality in America. As for the men who pay for this service, and hope for a companionship, well, like one of the women said in the article, they live in a fantasy. Because even if a woman is College educated, she would have to be extremely mature to be that ideal companion. And an extremely mature woman would never go into such a financial transaction. For college women who read this, remember there’s always another solution. Strike Debt, for example, has already canceled 4 millions dollars of student loans. Without asking for a payback in companionship or sex. There’s nothing romantic in fulfilling the fantasy of a wealthy and powerful old man.


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