Women traveling solo


I do travel alone abroad. I’ve visited many countries on my own. But I don’t leave my country without planning my travel carefully.

Recently, I went to Iceland, where I chose to make a guided visit, with a group of people. I didn’t know any of them before. And I was surprised there were other women traveling solo in the group. One of them was an old lady, who has traveled solo for twenty years. She explained she needed to visit other countries, mainly in Africa. It’s her treat. She used to be a psychiatric nurse, a very heavy job. So, every year, since 1995, she has been traveling abroad on her own. Her late husband  didn’t accompany him, nor her sons. She said her husband didn’t like to travel, as one of her sons. The other one is just too busy with his job and his four kids to think about traveling. “But he’s the one who asks me a lot of questions about my travels when I get back home. And I can see he’s a bit jealous” she said. “My husband didn’t care. When he used to pick me at the airport, his only words were: was it great? and then, he would switch to another subject” she added.

There was also a young lady in my group. She’s married. But her husband didn’t accompany her. “Usually, I travel with  a friend of mine. But this time, she wanted to visit Turkey, while I wanted to go to Iceland. So I went on my own” she said. “My husband don’t like to travel. He just wants to go to Spain and lay down on a beach towel” she added. She has already chosen her next destination: Antarctica. Of course, she would be going alone. Her husband won’t accompany her either.

There was a middle-aged lady in my group, who was also traveling alone. She was single, and none of her friends wanted to accompany her. She said it was her fault. “One month ago, I wasn’t sure I could travel, because my ankle was still injured after an accident I had seven months ago. But three weeks ago, I felt better, and I decided to come here. Of course, none of my friends could move their agenda because of my late decision, but it’s better this way” she said.

In fact, I agree with her. Because it’s difficult to find someone who will accept to accompany you. Either it’s because of a lack of money, a lack of time, or just because of the destination. “When I announced I was going to Iceland, everyone said around me it was a weird destination” said the married solo traveler.

Despite that, there were two old ladies in my group traveling together. They left their husband and children at home. They said they have been traveling together for years now. I guess it’s a question of finding the right person to travel with.

It’s better to travel alone, or with someone who share the same love for traveling (and the destination). In my group, there were also couples. One of the husbands used to complain a lot during the journey. Another one said nothing, but it was clear he just wanted to please his wife, who was the one really enthusiastic about the country.

In my plane to Reykjavik, next to my seat, I could hear the conversation of the couple next to me. The woman never stopped complaining about their destination. I guess their holidays were starting great…