When you’re different


Some time ago I was invited to attend the French Open at Roland Garros. Next to me, there were two ladies who noticed a woman with a face deformity, sitting not very far. She wore a bright yellow jacket, make-up, and held a glass of champagne. She was chatting with her friends, and looked very happy to be there. She was sitting in the VIP section, and didn’t care at all about what people thought about her.

I guess when you’re among your group of friends, you feel stronger, especially if your friends are supportive. Not all groups are good for you. But when you grow old, you know you should avoid staying too long in a toxic friendship. At least, wise people do.

When I was in Iceland not so long ago, I also noticed the same dynamic with a young Chinese lady. She was bathing next to me at the Blue Lagoon, with her group of friends. Her left leg was amputated, and she relied on her friends to move around in the water. She was laughing with her friends, and playing in the water. She didn’t care about the reactions around her. To me, she just looked beautiful.

Apparently, we’re much more attractive when we are in a group. It’s not difficult to understand. When you’re in a group, especially if it’s your group of friends, you feel happy, and smile more than when you’re alone. When you’re alone, you’re also more vulnerable to people. I get that a lot when I’m at a cocktail where I barely know anybody. Usually, I get hit by guys who think I’m an easy prey (I’m not). And they are creepy.


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