Intelligent women, spinsters for ever?

According to the Wire, men date and marry less intelligent women than they are. So, smart women are less likely to find a man than their less intelligent peers.

Yet, intelligent and thriving women can be married or dating a great man. Look at Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the female politicians in general. Most of them have a man by their side. The same goes for female CEOs. Marissa Mayer is a good example.

How come?

I guess it’s a question of networks. And also a question of self-confidence (for men).

It will explain why some PhD are married with another PhD, while some don’t.

One of my friends says that the old generation (like Hillary Clinton) have a better option than their younger peers. We were talking about this subject during a dinner. Because she and I are both single (although I have a lover). She’s convinced she wouldn’t be able to find someone, and that the reason she’s single is because she’s intelligent. But she’s not trying to find someone. She didn’t search on dating sites, or tried to go at many events where she can meet people (especially in cultural events). So I offer her to accompany me, to change her perspective.

Unfortunately for her, I’m not a good advice. I’m still single. But I’ve been hit on many times by men, from male journalists to all of the guys I meet as a reporter. My problem is I need to find someone who can speak to my heart and my head, and who won’t be afraid of commitment.  Yes, I’m difficult.

But as I read once in a New York Times story, “Women fall in love between their ears” . Being intelligent is one thing, but it’s not the whole picture.

I suspect the male journalist of Wire to have written a wrong story. My friend was shaken when she read it. I just shrugged my shoulders, because it’s not the truth.

In France, the actual minister of Economy is married to a woman who is 20 years older than him. Both share the same passion for literature and art. That’s how they met, during a theater play.

I guess it depends on the values you share with your significant other. If he’s all about money (the article quoted several hedge fund managers, who live for the money), then if you’re intelligent, or not looking like a Victoria’s Secrets Angel, you will never get along with him if you don’t love money yourself.

So, I don’t think because you’re intelligent, you will end up single forever. If you are intelligent and sensible, you will attract an intelligent and sensible person in your life, someone who will be just like you.


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