To Paris, with love

Since this Friday, 13th of November 2015, the city of Paris has been mourning its victims.

Beyond the official tributes, the city has appeared as a ghost town. Most of the museums are closed. The Champs Elysées are empty, people seem to hide.

In the Paris Sorbonne, the students are sad. One of my friends, who’s a professor of economy, told me that today, his students were unusually quiet. “Here in Paris, everyone knows someone who knows someone who was killed during the events on the 13th of November” he said.

Near the restaurant where the shooting happened, people are scared, and shaken. Some have difficulty to realize what happened there.

Twitter and the other social medias have brought a new dimension to this event. One account published every photo of the victim when their life was good. It was difficult to look at these, without feeling empathy and sadness.

Eventually, the city will return to its rhythm. Every city which has been hit with a terrorist attack  saw the life back after some time. Last year, I visited Palawan, in the Philippines, which was a ghost town back in 2001, after an American tourist was murdered by islamist rebels.

It will be most difficult for those who lost their friend, lover, parent, … in those terrorist attacks. It’s never easy to lose the ones we hold dear in our heart. It’s the worst feeling.

None of my friends was hurt during those events. But suddenly, they have asked me if they can come at my place in the near future. I know they don’t feel safe for the moment. I can understand. I hid in Paris after a nasty breakup at one of my friends’ place.

I guess everyone in the city needs to feel secure again.


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