An independent woman

In my country, the rates of divorce are quite high. In the cities, one couple out of two divorce, while in the countryside, this proportion diminishes to one out three.


Single women, especially single mothers, are considered as the most likely to end in poverty.

A friend of mine, who was raised by his single mother, as he never knew who was his father, grew up in the poorest city in my country. He told me her mother  fought hard to raise him. But luckily for him, he is her only child.

Another friend of mine grew up in poverty too. His mother divorced his father when he was 8. His two sisters and him went to live with his mother. At school, he was always the poorest child in the class. He took his revenge later in life on society, by becoming a well respected economist in my country.

Both say that their mother did their best to bring them a solid education.  But their mother were independent, despite their small means.

Recently, a friend of mine announced her sister was about to get divorced, as her husband left her for another woman. They have a little daughter together. Thankfully for her, her sister has a job. But she used to rely on her future ex-husband  to drive her to work. Now, she has asked my friend for her help. Eventually, she will learn how to drive, because it’s necessary for her.

Had she be more farsighted, she wouldn’t have to rely on her sister that much.  At least for her transports. As she lives in the countryside, it’s important to have a car on her own, as public transports are not efficient there, unlike in the cities.

Unfortunately for her, she left the house, and had to find another school for her daughter.

One of my friends had the chance to keep the house when she got divorced, and she didn’t have to find another school for her kids, who could stay in the same school. Not much changed after her divorce, except her ex wasn’t in the picture anymore. My friend has a car, and her mother doesn’t live very far from her and always gives her a hand.

My friend’s sister doesn’t have that chance.

Some economists have warned women to be more farsighted, as marriages don’t last forever, unfortunately.

Sometime, after a nasty breakup, it’s difficult to take wise decisions. That’s why it’s better to anticipate those bad winds. It’s not easy.