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Hello (call your ex)

Six women out of ten are inspired to call their ex after listening to Adele’s latest song, “Hello”. Even the Instagram Star, @thefatjewish, joked about this.



Is there any other singer able to do so?  Several studies have shown listening to music can influence us in various ways. But there’s a difference between feeling something thanks to music and wanting to call your ex.

Besides, this was a question asked to 41.000 people by the date auction site, which allows you to buy for love or a first date. Eeew, is this a site like “Seekingarrangement”,… ?  So this is just a survey, by a site not very reliable. And people often lie when they are asked a question on their personal life.

Personally, I don’t think a song can inspire women to call their ex. Especially one from Adele. But if this song is associated with a special moment you shared with your ex, it may influence you.

When we read this statistic with my friends, we were all laughing. Nobody wanted to call her/his ex after listening to “Hello”.

In fact, I hear more stories of people calling their ex after seeing pictures of their ex on Facebook, especially those where they seem to enjoy themselves with other people (hello, “Hotline bling” 😉

Personally, if I feel like calling my ex, I always have second thoughts. After all, if things didn’t work in the past, why would it work now?


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