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Who do you think you are?


Since 2012, I have been invited several times to moderate some debates and also to give speeches myself. It wasn’t easy at all for me, as I’m an introvert. But thanks to the help of an old teacher, who helps me practicing my voice for public speeches, I have been able to overcome this difficulty.

I haven’t noticed him, but there’s a man who has always attended all the conferences and debates I participated to. Recently, I met him during a cocktail party. Our verbal exchange was very short. He just told me he attended the last debate where I was a speaker. I was a bit embarrassed, and I just commented on the company where he was working.  He apologized he had to leave, and ended abruptly our conversation. Thankfully, a friend of mine saw me at that cocktail party, and immediately took me to the bar to have a drink with me. I almost forgot about my previous encounter.

I bumped into the guy in another seminar, but this time, we didn’t speak to each other. But his face seemed a bit familiar to me. I realized he has a common friend with me. And I also realized I did see him in many of the speeches and debates where I participated. But he never tried to have a conversation with me. I’m not intimidating. Usually, after my presentation, I always have some people who ask me questions.

I don’t know why I think about him right now. He’s clearly not interested about me. Maybe I feel embarrassed because I didn’t recognize him at that cocktail party..

 Are there people you have difficulty to break the ice with? Is it worth it to try to?


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