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Dating a less educated


According to a research, college-educated women are less likely to marry men with less education. Why? I guess there’s a simple reason: we’re looking for our equal.

Personally, I would have a hard time dating a man with less education than me. Because I look for someone who is able to stand a decent conversation with me.  When I was on a dating site, I left a lot of pictures of me in a museum, an exhibition, a book reading, … None of the men who sent me a message did notice that or recognize the background. Even the men I sent messages didn’t ask questions about my pictures.  I only received compliments on my looks.

Ok, I set the game high, but hey, I have the right to be picky. I know I can only become boring to a guy who doesn’t give a damn about museums, exhibitions, books, culture,…

Yet, one of my friends, who’s a PhD, is married to a man who works for a museum.  She met him in an exhibition, and was amazed by his knowledge on art. Her husband didn’t go to College, yet, he managed to learn a lot on his own.

That means that less educated men are not as stupid as we think. There’s also another factor to consider. In the US, university fees have gone through the roof, growing ten times over the last decade. A lot of people turn to debt to finance their study, and some give up because of that.

In Europe, except in the UK, university fees are not as high as in the US. “The real intelligent people risk to turn away from US Colleges because of their high fees, it’s not a good math” said one of my friends.

So, I don’t believe the dating scene is terrible for women right now. Yes, Tinder and other apps give men the impression there’s a surplus of women. But so are traditional dating sites, if you consider so. If you don’t want to participate to that hookup culture, then don’t.

I guess it’s important to work on the quality of your relationships. Including with your friends, because relationships that last have a better chance if your significant other is part of your group of friends. My friend, who’s a PhD, met her husband through their common friends.


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