Divorces on the rise


Divorce in dictionary

In his book “The End of Power”, Moses Naim indicates even the conservative Persian Gulf States are hit by a rise of divorce rates. It reaches 20 % in Saudi Arabia, to my astonishment, 26% in the United Arab Emirates, and even 37% in Kuwait. According to the author, this higher divorce rate is correlated to education.  In Kuwait, the rate of divorce soars to 47% among couples in which both couples hold a university degree.

That would explain why I do have some readers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and in the United Arab Emirates.This still surprises me.

Here in the West, divorces are holding steady. But this year, three of my friends announced they were getting separated from their significant other. One of them didn’t have the choice, as her husband announced to her he has a new love in his life and wanted to live with her.

In my friends’cases, it was the man who initiated the break up. But generally, women are responsible for the separation, as they don’t accept the social sacrifice of standing behind their husband. We don’t accept to be considered less than our husband. But the same goes for men. One of my male friends who left his relationship this year told me he had enough to be considered as the weakest one in his couple. Contempt is the worst apocalypse of a relationship.

But it is difficult to find our equal. And today, with dating sites, we all get the impression there is somewhere someone who will be our perfect match, even if we’re not perfect ourselves.

But is there a perfect match?

If there was a perfect match, I guess many couples would get divorce right now. With one of my friends, who’s single, we always laugh about those couples we know who are not very well assorted. Yes, look around you. There is always one couple who fall in this category.

One of them did surprise us as we have known each other since high school. I always thought he would be married to a fellow classmate, who’s now a general attorney. But she married someone older than her. He married another classmate, but I would have never bet on their couple. Five years ago, he joined Facebook, and posted lots of pictures of him partying with his friends and coworkers, including pictures of him with women,  but his wife has never appeared on the pictures. Usually, couples do publish pictures of them from time to time on Facebook. I even do it with my lover…

My friend is also surprised by this couple. We have bet it won’t last. Recently, the classmate joined Facebook. I guess it is to watch over her husband. I’ve noticed a friend of mine got the same problem. His significant other joined Facebook years after he first joined, and she’s been frantically liking all of his posts ever since. Because since he joined Facebook, he has been liking a lot of posts from women, especially those where they are hanging in a bikini…

But if you pick a womanizer, chances are your relationship is ill fated.

It seems we’re getting less forgiving than before.


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