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High prices for a matchmaking


The Financial Times runs an article about the high prices single people pay for meeting other people, hoping to find the one. The author wrote his own experience in London, where he paid 6000 £ to a matchmaking agency. He said he was on the low end of the prices, because some people pay up to 30000£ to those services.

In my country, recently, a friend of mine told me she met a woman for a matchmaking agency, who told her she was a good person, and her rate of success, especially in her age range, was 80%. But her service comes with a high tag: 6000 euros. “What?” I asked my friend. But my friend agreed to pay this, because she said she was disappointed by other dating sites. My friend has also another problem: she’s a TV presenter. “I can’t afford to ruin my career or get harassed online because of my job. I need some privacy” she said. She added she looked after other matchmaking agencies, but the other ones were either as expensive, or just disappointing. So far, I didn’t hear she has found someone. I just hope she didn’t pay 6000 Euros for nothing.

Why do we have to pay so much for meeting people in our league? In the article, the author mentioned women were outnumbering men in those matchmaking agencies, so they have to pay an extra compared to men. He mentioned he met women who work in finance. It’s a bit odd, since the finance sector is outnumbered by men. Women make at best 25% of the work force.

This has puzzled my friends, since I meet a lot of those guys through my job. “Why don’t you find someone in your circle?” asked one of my friends. The truth is  I don’t want to ruin my reputation. I don’t feel it’s appropriated to flirt with one of them. I have a hard time feeling respected as a woman in that sector. That’s why I don’t try anything. Yet, I’ve been hit by some of them. But they don’t interest me. Because they’re just too old for me, over 55. They could be my father. As for the younger ones, the last time I tried to talk to one of them, he just turned his feet away for me, and politely said he had to leave.

A friend of mine, who’s single too, and belongs to the same circle than I, told me he was surprised no woman has ever tried to flirt openly with him during a conference or a presentation. “I don’t want to” he added. Yet, it seems no woman dares to flirt with men in that circle.

Most women I meet in finance are not young. Usually, they don’t try to go outside their group. Except if they want to talk to me about what bothers them. I’m a magnet for them. I’ve never seen one of them trying openly to flirt with one of the men there. As if it was forbidden.

That’s why some pay a high price for a matchmaking agency.