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Involuntary psychiatric hospitalization

One of my friends recently told me that back in 2010, his ex-wife forced him to join a mental health institution, where he was put asleep for three days, before going back home. “She said I was repeating the same sentences over and over again. It worried her, so she told me I needed to see a doctor right away. But I didn’t expect to end in the psychiatric part of a hospital” he said.

Back then, my friend had some problems at work, where one of his coworkers sexually harassed him. He told me he was on holiday with his ex-wife, when suddenly, he collapsed. He had to be rushed back into our country. “Afterwards, I was a bit lost, and there I started to talk incoherently, as said my ex-wife” he said.

My friend is not dangerous, but I guess he felt exhausted by his harassement. His stalker had sent him hundred of SMS and emails per day since 2008. It stopped the day I told him to go to the police and pursue her. I was surprised he didn’t have the idea to call the police before. I remember he was a bit lost after receiving a phone call from her stalker again. I thought he had a bad environment around him, especially his ex-wife, who just pushed him to get hospitalized.

He was having a burnout. In those cases, a psychiatric MD gives you drugs to sleep, but I’m not convinced it helps to recover. Drugs don’t heal all the mental problems. And it’s a trauma to get hospitalized for that reason.

But sometimes, you have no choice but to call a mental health institution for the person you love. Especially if she/he tried to commit suicide. Sometimes, you don’t need to take that difficult decision. A friend of mine learned her ex had been sent into a mental health clinic by the police, after he got arrested for being violent against the people he met in the street.

If you force your significant other to get hospitalized, it can backfire. My friend got distant from his ex-wife after this episode, and started to cheat on her, until she asked for a divorce. He felt resentful toward her.

It’s not an easy decision to force your significant other into a mental health institution. But here, I think it’s best to alert the family and friends about this, before taking that decision.


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