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No sex… the end of a relationship?

Some couples do experience periods of no sex. Because one of the partners is sick or hospitalized, sexual intercourses become impossible for them. It’s only temporary, and once the ill one is healed, it’s back to normal. It depends of course on how the illness affected the partner. If it’s a serious disease, it’s difficult to get back to normal.

People who suffer from depression are also not interested in sex anymore. But with the help of a therapy and/or medicines, they can get their mojo back.

But what if there is no sex anymore between two people who are not sick? A friend of mine told me he didn’t touch his ex-wife for almost two years before they ended up divorcing. “I had a burn out two years ago, and after I recovered, I didn’t want to touch her again” he said. “She put on weight over the last two years, and she didn’t take good care of herself. She was always complaining about her fragile health, but never took herself in charge. After my burn out, I saw her in a different light. And I didn’t fancy her anymore” he said.

My friend didn’t lose its sexual appetite. After his divorce, he called his old friends with benefits. Some of them accepted to be his friends with benefits again. And he said he had no problem touching them.

Another friend of mine thought her man was depressed because he didn’t touch her anymore. But she discovered recently he had a lover, and this was the reason why they didn’t have sex anymore.

Another one didn’t touch his wife for one year because his mariage was falling apart.  He avoided to be in the same room than her for almost two years, before he decided to call it quits. He didn’t have a mistress during this period, he just wanted to be alone, without his wife. So he spent a lot of time with his friends, his family, and stopped going on holidays with his wife. “I thought we could pass this bitterness, but I gave up” he said. He was mad at his wife because she had a reckless behavior. “She drank too much, even took drugs, and I had sometimes to fetch her at her friends’ place because she was unable to drive anymore. She crashed her car several times because of her problem with alcohol” he said. “I had enough to feel as if I was her father. It was maybe the reason why I didn’t touch her anymore” he added.

When you don’t feel any attraction to your significant other anymore, and especially, if there is no good medical reason for it, maybe it’s the sign the relationship has reached its end.

Unfortunately, we can be resentful towards our significant other. And this feeling can last, and put distance, physical distance with our partner.


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