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The warning


Some people do warn you about their flaws when you start a relationship with them. One of my ex’s even told me on our first date he’s all sweet with women at the beginning of his relationship, then turns cold after some months. Even with this warning, I didn’t stop seeing him afterwards. It was a bad choice, because he did the same thing to me as he did with all his other women. But I was foolish enough to think I was better than his ex’s.

If someone tells you what his or her ex’s think about them at the beginning of a relationship, this is a big warning to consider. Even if the relationship is great apart from that, because your date promises you everything, covers you with gifts, offers you to travel around the world and puts you on a pedestal. The highs are high with players like that. The descent is painful. In my case, my ex’s suddenly turned cold with me after months of courtship like that. I learned thanks to my ex-boss he was dating another woman weeks after he disappeared, a woman who was one of his friends.

One of my friends says men are more likely to be honest like that at the beginning of a relationship. “They will tell you right away what they look for in a relationship. It is worth paying attention to their words” she says.

 If your date said they don’t want to commit, it’s a warning. But a change of heart can happen. Because one of my friends, who recently got married, reminded me her husband didn’t want to commit to her at the beginning of their relationship. After a year spent together, she wanted to move in with him in a new apartment, but he refused at first, saying he wasn’t ready to commit to her. He eventually changed his mind. Now they are married.

My friend had chances. But other men who say they don’t want to commit don’t commit to you. It depends.

Of course, in the beginning of a relationship, if he proposed right away to live with him or marry him, this must be suspected. It may be some words  he didn’t mean either. My ex wanted to live with me when we started dating. He even said we would get married some day. When it’s too good to be true, then it may be a scam.

Love doesn’t come easily.

But in the case of my friend, her man was already committed in some way in their relationship, because they were dating for one year when my friend proposed to live with him. He has a lot to lose if he didn’t want to commit to her.


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