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What do you expect from me?” always asks one of my friends. I replied to him I only want his kindness, the last time he asked me that question I couldn’t find a proper answer before. Suddenly, his face changed. He smiled and said “I can do that“.

We had a huge fight shortly before and he threatened to end our friendship. That question always comes after those kinds of fights. We’re both stubborn characters, and we don’t admit easily our mistakes to each other. Yet, we do care for each other. And we’ve been a precious help for each other so far.

Not so long ago, I read an interview of Isabelle Adjani, a French actress, who said she was looking for kindness and humor in the man of her life. When you think about it, kindness implies caring for the other, and accepting the other as he/she is, no matter how bad are his/her flaws.

Kindness implies also doing everything in the interest of the other. Even if you’re not feeling well. My friend, who has a very busy schedule, and who last year lost the sight of one of his eyes,  always manages to find time and spare me the shifting to see me.

Kindness is to travel miles to see a person you care about, even if it’s just for some hours. Even without a car.

Kindness  is to ask the person you care about how he/she is in his/her life. Whether his/her life is going well or not.

Kindness is the opposite of making someone wait for you, of using someone for your own needs, of disappearing for days without giving any news, of criticizing someone for no good reasons, of making someone feel like shit.

So, yes, Isabelle Adjani made a point. I also need kindness in the man of my life.

And I’m grateful for the kindness my friends have showed me so far.


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