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The man child


There’s nothing worse than getting old without growing up” said Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the former first lady of France, in an interview years ago.

She’s right, because I do like aging with more maturity. Unfortunately, not everyone is gaining maturity with age.  Some people show maturity at a young age, while others can hit 70 years old without gaining any maturity. But what is immaturity?

Immaturity is acting like a child even if you’re older than 18. It goes with a behavior of gimme gimme gimme without giving back anything.

Unfortunately in the dating pool, there are a lot of immature men. There are hints they are not mature. The first sign is if they tell you they haven’t had any long term relationship with someone. Those are honest with you. But some don’t tell you about their love life, remaining mum every time you ask them a question too personal about their life.

It’s difficult to pursue a relationship with an immature person. Because most of the time, everything revolves around his own person. A mature person will notice if there’s something wrong with you and ask you questions. An immature person will avoid you because he doesn’t want to resolve a conflict. If you fight with an immature person, he will tell you or convince you everything is your fault.

A mature person will never intentionally do something to upset you. An immature person, just like a child, will test your limits by doing intentionally something to upset you. An example: he will like a lot of female pictures on Facebook, while ignoring your own pictures. Worse, he would flirt openly with other women while with you.

Because everything revolves around him, his friends/buddies will take a lot of place in his life and he will never compromise over them, even if his friends don’t really know him very well. Immature men can’t express their feelings. They are more worried about what people think about them. Compromises is also a word he doesn’t use at all. Because he doesn’t make compromises. Mature people do. His friends are his world. But don’t expect him to like yours or your family.

With him, you will feel like his mother at best, and not really at your place at worst. He will eat your energy. Because you won’t feel peaceful with him.

Eventually, the immature man can grow up. Because maturity can come after some dark periods in our life. Some people are transformed by these, positively, while other can’t cope with the pain and ease themselves in drugs and alcohol.


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