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The right steps of a relationship

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When can we meet your boyfriend?” recently asked my friends. It’s been six weeks now we’ve been together, but none of us present each other to our friends and relatives. I don’t even know if he has spoken about me to his friends. To be fair, we were apart from three weeks as I went on holidays away without him. But since I came back from my holidays, he has been very busy on his own, and not very available to me.

When is it the right time to present your significant other to your close circles? I guess there’s not a right answer, because around me, I know one couple who introduced each other to their parents after just one date. They met on Tinder, and clicked right away. They didn’t waste time to commit to each other. Besides, some people do introduce every of their dates to their parents, even if the relationship doesn’t last. One of my friends told me his brother always comes for the traditional Christmas dinner with his date, a different one each time. But it’s been two years now he has come with the same person to this event with his family.

I don’t want to introduce my boyfriend to my friends and family until I get some proofs he wants a true relationship with me. So far, I have no clue. All he said, when I asked him what he wants, is that he wants to know me better. He tells me all his schedule, to be sure I know where he is.  I know he’s in Poland right now for a wedding. He didn’t propose to come with him.

One proof, very obvious, would be if he introduces me to his friends. Or his family. That would be the signal our relationship is getting a little more serious. One of my friends told me to wait until the end of the month to see if there’s any improvement in our relationship. “If you see nothing has changed since the beginning of your relationship, then it’s ill-fated” she says.

Every long term relationship goes through steps like that. The first steps are the kiss, the night spent together, after quality times. The next one, the most obvious, is to meet each other’s circles.

Because if he wants to know me better, he has to meet my friends and family. They are my world.

And if I really mean something to him, he has to introduce me to his friends and family.


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