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Now the drugs don’t work

Recently, one of my coworkers who looked tired told me she spent her evenings listening to one of her friends, who’s in a relationship with a woman who uses Clenbuterol. This is a drug used to lose weight, but like all drugs, it has side effects.”Recently, she posted a lot of alarming messages on her Facebook wall, sometimes very confused” said my coworker who showed me her pictures on Facebook. She posts a lot of pictures of herself in a bikini or in her fitness clothes on her wall.

“Because of this drug, she has a lot of mood swings. And sometimes, she cuts herself” said my co-worker. Her friend gave her an ultimatum: either she stops using that drug, or she will leave her.

Her last relationship ended because of that” says my coworker. “She didn’t learn from her previous experience” she adds. “My friend is probably going to do the same than her ex” .

It’s not simple to be in a relationship with a drug addict. Because drugs are able to isolate people or force people to develop unhealthy friendship with other people who have similar habits.

People who commit into these relationships think they can save their significant other. But as one of my friends experienced, the situation only got worse over time, as his ex turn into more and more drugs and reckless behaviors.

Drugs have nasty side effects, like paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, lack of motivation, reduced sexual capacity, heart attack,…

Yes, it’s heartbreaking to watch the person you care about self-destroying like that. But the ultimatum like my friend’s friend gave to her significant other is probably the only way to maintain a relationship, if the drug addict accepts to change. People don’t really change, unless they want to. And they can always return to their ancient demons.


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