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A best friend for a lover

Some studies say that if we marry our best friend, the marriage has a better chance to last. Yet, around me, none of my friends have married their best friend. One of them even lost her best friend when she got married to another man, and divorced five years later because he was cheating on her.

The best friend I refer here is from the opposite sex and heterosexual.

My best friend and I have known each other for ten years now, but I can’t imagine starting a relationship with him. He’s the one I tell everything about my life, including the high and the low of my relationships with other men. My actual partner doesn’t know much of my love life, unlike D. And I don’t want to tell everything to my man. I want to keep some mystery” one of my friends said.

Time flies when we are together. He’s my drinking buddy and the shoulder I can cry on whenever I want. My man isn’t jealous of him, because nothing can happen between he and I because it’s been 8 years we’ve been best friends. I’m not physically attracted to him, and so does he” another one said.

Is it because we know we can count on our best friend during our highs and lows in our life that we don’t want to change that friendship into a relationship?  Is it because we know our best friend will remain at our side when it’s over with our significant other?

I don’t know. One of my friends, who has a best friend but is in a relationship with another man, sees her future with her man. She runs a business with her significant other and renovates their two houses with him. She plans to have kids with him someday.

The other does see her future with her significant other, as she is pregnant with their first child.

In her case, her best friend didn’t have much difficulty to join their group of friends, who got friends with each other after being introduced by my friend and her man at a party. They kept on seeing each other at every event my friend organized. That’s how they became friends.

We can also lose our best friend, as one of my friends experienced.