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An online reputation

Why isn’t there a online reputation system for dating sites unlike on Airbnb and Ebay? Well, I guess the principal reason is people are not exchanging goods and don’t have a price, otherwise, it’s called prostitution.

With online dating, you only have your feelings and a little bit of trust to accept a date with someone you meet online. It’s impossible to leave a online review of your date afterwards. And besides, would you trust strangers who reviewed your future date? I’m not sure I would.

People have different needs, tastes, values, hobbies, … or simply different characters. I’m sure all the guys I dated even just for one date did find someone who was a better match than me.

Couple form or break up because of each other’s character. Some people just can’t get along with each other, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get along with other people.

Besides, a date isn’t as important as renting an apartment or buying a car. It’s not a big deal if you’re disappointed by your date the first time you meet him/her IRL.You always have the possibility to leave if the conversation turns cold. All you lost is your time, and you can limit the time you spent with your date if you don’t like him/her.

Unfortunately, there are liars on dating sites. It’s even inherent to that medium. Yet, if you spend a little bit of time asking questions to your potential date, you can spot if he/she lies. And usually, during the first date, you will know if he/she’s a liar, at least if your potential date lied on his/her height, weight,…

Online reviews forced people to be honest on Airbnb. But the reviewer can be reviewed by the host.

I’m not sure I would get a great review from my date especially if I left the date 30 minutes after we first met.

Out of emotions, we can say or write things we will regret afterwards.

There’s no need for review with online dating, because if you do like your date, and if it’s mutual, there will be a second, a third, a fourth, … date afterwards. If you don’t like you date, you simply leave your date.