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You and me, and your chronic illness

When you meet someone new, you don’t expect him/her to be stricken with a chronic illness. Especially if you meet that person through a dating site. But when you meet that person for the first time, he/she generally doesn’t lie to you about the illness. Especially when that person needs to take a pill during the date.

In real life, especially if you meet your partner through friends, you may have some indications. One of my acquaintances told me he met her significant other thanks to a common friend who introduced him to her. Their common friend told him she was just going out of the hospital after a seizure.  So, he was informed she had epilepsy before meeting her. But that didn’t hinder him to meet her.

After all, we are not defined solely by our illness. We’re much more than that.

But dating or living with someone who is stricken with a chronic illness  can be challenging. Because those who are affected by this are a bit married to hospitals, unfortunately. There will also be times when our partner simply doesn’t feel well and  isn’t available for us.

But we are able to deal with this. If we are able to accept our partner as he/she is.

Unfortunately, for some chronic illnesses, like multiple sclerosis, depression is often associated with the symptoms. And depression is particularly difficult to deal with in a couple, because the depressed mind is just not present.

Besides, when you spent a lot of time going back and forth to the hospital, it can hit hard your confidence. But it’s worse when you wait for the results of a medical test.

Yet, some chronic ill people find solace in their partner. After all, it’s good to have someone who stands for us in difficult times.

It’s also a good indicator for knowing if someone is really into you. Because players, cheaters,… won’t be present at your side if you’re hospitalized or if you have a problem.


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