Is it possible to fall in love with one of your followers on Instragram? Yes. The most popular example is Ricky Martin, who fell in love with a painter who follows him on Instagram . He followed him back and started to like each other posts. But it can also happen between people who aren’t popular. Recently, one of my friends told me her cousin is currently in a relationship with an actor she met on Instagram. My friend was appalled when she told me that. “They met each other one year ago on that social media. He started to follow her on Instagram and she followed him back. My cousin is very active on that app. She posts a lot of her pictures where she poses as if she was a famous model. But she isn’t one. She never made it on a runway or in a magazine. Yet, she manages to collect followers, because her pictures are very professional. And she travels a lot. It helps her to have something to post. That’s how she managed to catch her significant other ‘s attention ” my friend says.

“But so far, they have only met in real life once, during one month. She traveled to his country to meet him. Because they don’t live in the same country. Since then, they have posted pictures together, and she has gained a lot of new followers because her man is quite known in his country. He plays one important role in a soap opera very popular there” she adds.

In other words, my friend ‘s cousin is currently in a long distance relationship. Instagram was just a way to meet her significant other. My friend isn’t optimistic for her relationship. “My cousin did long studies and earn a high position in her company. I can’t see her quit her life to be with him. And I don’t see him quitting his acting profession to come here and stand next to her” she says. But maybe they will find a solution.

That’s the problem with Instagram. It connects people globally.

Yet, on Tinder, I notices some profiles linked to their Instagram account. I don’t know if this is helpful to have a date. Usually, men post insignificant pictures on Instagram and they are not very active. It’s difficult to stand out, unless you’re an artist.

So, it’s very particular to find your significant other on Instagram.


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