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The Covid-19, a stress test for couples

I read this article in the New York Times, about couples who thrive during unexpected disasters that force people to stay home for a long time. Some couples don’t last after an ordeal. In China, the number of divorces has raised a lot since the end of the quarantine for people. But the quarantine have forced some people who can’t stand their partner anymore to stay in the same place for some weeks. So, it’s no surprise they waited for the end of this period to divorce.

Some couples don’t survive to this kind of ordeals. The article in the New Times narrates a lot of examples during the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s a question of character. If your partner wants to focus on the daily routine, while you are panicked and are obsessed about the events, it may clash between the two of you. People don’t react the same way to unfortunate events. So, yes, events like the Covid-19 or a hurricane are a stress test for couples.

Some couples do survive after unfortunate events like a disaster. There was also a baby boom after Katrina. In my journal, there was an interview of a female CEO who said her family has experience with being barricaded in the same place for a long time, because they spent four months on a boat parked in the Grenadines island. “It was a sabbatical” she said.

Some couple are not very different from each other, and can find funny activities to do in group, like dressing together for homeworking….

The Covid-19 crisis and its quarantine is different from a natural disaster like Katrina that destroyed many houses in New Orleans. People who are in quarantine because of the epidemic have dealt with different problems, like loosing temporarily their job and the financial insecurity that follows, fear of getting infected with the Covid-19 and to spread the virus among your circle, and unfortunately for some, the loss of someone you hold dear.  But people don’t have to deal with floods, no electricity, and all their possessions smashed because of the hurricane.

In my country, it’s still allowed to go and take a walk with your significant other outside. For now. Other countries have forbidden people to do this. So technically, we’re not stuck at home all of the time. Yet, it’s still a test for couples.  Kindness is key in this period.



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