You’re too curious

I started this blog in 2006, about a topic that never ends.

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What Nine Inch Nails song are you?

-The Perfect Drug-You are madly in love with someone right now, or at least you want to be. You feel like you are out of control with your emotions. It’s not such a bad feeling, is it? 😉
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Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

You are Carrie. You know what you want out of a relationship and you’re not afraid to keep moving until you get it. Wit and charm are your biggest turn-ons, and you like guys who appreciate you for your mind as much as your body. You have fun playing the dating game, but secretly you just can’t wait to find the guy who sweeps you off your feet and carries you into the sunset.Find Your Character @

50 thoughts on “You’re too curious

  1. alluringbutterfly says:

    I love your blog. I am going to link you so I can read what all you have to say. I’ve just gotten my heart broken and reading alot of the blogs you have made me open my eyes to some things. THANK YOU!

  2. charitycase says:

    wow… wonderful blog!!…nice to know there are others out there feeling similar..

    Keep it up!

    Love Charity

  3. plastercinehead says:

    I accidentally clicked on your blog and i think ‘Hmm.. What’s an interesting blog”. And of course, I’m one of them who have difficulty finding Mr. Right. 🙂

    Keep it up, I’m loving it..!

  4. I love how you manage to put into words thoughts that have been percolating in my head for a very long time. You write incisively and insightfully. Love your blog 🙂

  5. Those thoughts have been percolating in my head for a very long time too, cardiactamponade. Many thanks ! Your blog is lovely too 🙂

  6. lovetips4all says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts, and you write so well. You crack me up so many times. 🙂

  7. amiweird says:

    I love this blog.
    I have been lucky enough to meet Mr Right but I am always interested in relationships and how people tick.
    I have many friends whose relationships have their ups and downs (and admittedly I have had my own share) and this blog is so relevant and refreshing for a young woman like myself and my single sistas 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll!

  8. axinia says:

    You are doing a good job here, really intersting articles and the topic is just eternal!

    I wonder what you would say about my blog “Shaktipower” (just click on my name) which is in a way similar, but from a different perspective… See you!

  9. Thank you Axinia! Yes, the topic is eternal, but it helps me taking a distance from people’s experiences with love, and learning more about life.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Dimple says:

    Nice blog…I do not believe in Mr Right..but hopefully you will meet someone whos imperfectly perfect.. It was fun reading your posts.

  11. 3lm0l0v3r says:

    hey.. i’m gonna link your site to mine.. is that okay? i really find your site.. refreshing.. amusing.. overwhelming.. nice to read.. thanks 🙂

  12. travis says:

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  13. Giselle says:

    Oh!!! I hope I didn’t arouse your bad mood asking who that was..
    Anyway, could you suggest some song for a first-time-listener-of-Tools?

  14. Giselle,

    Try Vicarious, on their last album and Lateralus, on their previous one. Maynard was also part of a band called A Perfect Circle. I also love their albums.

    And no, you didn’t arouse my bad mood!

  15. Ramneek says:

    Dear Writer,

    I randomly came across your blog be accident a few months ago and call it faith but it was perfect timing – you are honestly a pure writer – pouring ur honesty, wisdom & experience onto the keyboard. I admire all you write and share and enjoy reading every article you post

    wanted to send positive energy your way – u touch alot of lives threw ur words

    Ramneek Jeer- Toronto, Canada

  16. Most of the times i visit a blog I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad. Regarding your blog,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  17. Hi There –

    I’m a producer in NY currently developing an exciting new documentary series about the diverse and intriguing relationship lives of modern Americans.

    The series will highlight the unique ways in which Americans celebrate, define and explore themselves and their relationships through sexuality. We are especially interested in hearing from those who are rediscovering sex and dating after a divorce.

    I’d love to connect and talk with you more – we are very interested in hearing from anyone in your network whom you feel may be ideal for our project.

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