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Traveling alone in India

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndia has been in the news lately for a tragic event. A 23-year old female student was assaulted by a group of men. She’s still in hospital right now.

Another young Indian woman published a testimony in a Wall Street Journal blog showing that India is still very far from an equality between the sexes.

But I’m not really surprised.

I went to India at the beginning of the year. Alone. My trip was organized. But I had to travel with a driver alone most of the time, even if he was following a group of other people who were never far from our car.

On the road, I met quite a few women traveling on their own. They were French or British. Traveling very low key. Most of the travel guides have various warnings for women traveling alone. And also, when I arrived in India, one guy at the hotel where I was staying handed me a leaflet for the tourists, mentioning about the proper clothes and attitudes we should adopt in the country.

The Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, located in the North of the country, are known for not being that tolerant with tourists, unlike in the South.

The woman conditions in those regions, particularly in the rural villages of Rajasthan, are still very dire.

Once, we stopped on our way to Bikaner to have a rest. And while we were chatting, I could see a man throwing stones on a woman in a field nearby. Around me, I could see men playing cards or discussing or sleeping, while their women were working hard in the field nearby.

In the city of Bikaner, it wasn’t better.

In Jodhpur, I met in the bazaar the only woman who holds a spice shop. She inherited it from her father who died of a heart attack. She told me it was really hard for her when she started to run the shop, because other men didn’t respect her.  But the tourists flock to her shop, where she is more than welcoming and kind to every of her visitors.

In Jaipur, I wanted to walk a bit on my own, much to my driver’s dismay. In the streets, I realized I was the only woman, but no one came bothering me. To be fair, I never left my sunglasses off. I felt much secure having it on my nose during my travel.

I didn’t have the time to visit Delhi before going back to my country. But I could see, near the gate of India, young Indian couples very modern compared to what I just saw in Rajasthan.

Yet, on my way back, I met a filmmaker who was traveling back to New York. She told me she went to see her mom in Delhi. I asked her if she considered living here in Delhi, but she replied she felt much better off in New York. Because of the culture. She was still young, and single. I guess it’s easier to be single in New York than in Delhi.

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Sea, sex and sun

I was watching yesterday a documentary about holidays club reserved for single people (or people above 18). The journalists chose to follow two characters, one female and the other one male. I had really pity for the male one. He was a 38 year-old engineer who never married nor lived with a woman. He was an average guy, not good-looking but not ugly either.  And he got rejected many times because he had a lot of competition with more handsome men than he.

Those clubs are a holiday version of the night clubs, where there’s only criteria that matters: the physic. If you’re just average, you will struggle to find a partner. But remember that there’s always uglier than you and therefore, you have to cruise in your league (or under), you will have a better chance to score.

I doubt however that you can find true love in those places.  There are exceptions, of course. “Against all odds, I’ve found the man of my life in a club. We just clicked on the dance floor, and it turned out we had a lot of common points. It’s just a pure coincidence” I.,36, explained.

The rule in the club is more a one night stand ( sometimes more). What are the chances your flirt there shares the same center of interests than you? These are close to zero. Because your attraction for him/her is purely physical.

The ones who are likely to score the most in holidays clubs are the entertainers (DJ, dancers, sport instructors,…) because they are like stars in their little universe. Everyone in the club knows them. The male ones are often surrounded by women (except if they’re ugly, but they’re recruted in general because they are good-looking), while the female ones, well, either they’re hooked with their male counterpart, or they’re more detached from this. So, when you’re a woman and fell in love with an sport instructor there, you should consider this: you’re just another one in a long, long list of conquests. Don’t expect to start a love story with him.

Personally, I think those places are one of the worst if you’re looking for true love. But I know there are exceptions to this rules. What’s your opinion on this ?

Oh, and for those who missed Britney’s performance at the MTV VMAs, here’s the video.

A dlisted pornstar just got lost on the main stage of the show…

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Down by the water


I’m back in one piece from my holidays. Each year, with the light of my life, we use to go for two weeks abroad, generally in the South of France, just to chill and to spend time together. During the year, it’s quite difficult for us just to see each other because of my job. I travel quite a lot, I work late and sometimes bring extra work at home. And even if we’re just at home together, we manage to avoid each other because of our friends and our family. So, these holidays are really precious to us.

This year, my man insisted we go scuba diving together. I’ve never done that in my life before and I must admit I was a little scared about this. And also, it was during a bad period for me, where I act generally like a bitch. So, I was expecting a fiasco. Instead of that, we ended up in a situation like in the movie Along came Polly  where the newly wed Debra Messing is mesmerized by the diving instructor and leaves Ben Stiller for him. Wait before making any conclusions, I didn’t leave my man for him. The instructor was just looking at me in a non-catholic way and kept on telling me how pretty I was, in front of my man who didn’t bother. In fact, the light of my life just watches me beating cold any pretender with recreation. I wouldn’t appreciate if he intervenes. It would prove he doesn’t trust me.

Would you appreciate if your man starts to bark at any of your pretenders ? And guys, how would you react in a situation like that ?

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A temporary break

That’s it, I will be off for the next two weeks. After such a hectic semester, these holidays are more than welcomed.

Before leaving you for the South of France, I just wanted to thank every reader of this blog, and especially the kind ones who leave regularly or from time to time comments on my posts.

And for those who clicked on my blog because of weird requests about Maynard James Keenan, no, I’m not his fiancee, but I keep him locked in my basement.