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If I were a boy…

… I will never let my hair grow long!

Once, with my female friends, we were talking about men and their hairstyle. We all agree on one thing: we hate long hair. One of my friends explained that she fell in love suddenly with her ex when he cut his hair. “Before, he looked like a grunge, not clean at all. When he eventually cut his hair, he became much more appealing”. Well, I can only agree with her. Let’s look at some examples.

James Morrison. With long hair, he looked a little bit messy. Judge by yourself.

 Now with shorter hair…

Much more better, isn’t it?

Another example? Caleb Followill.

Jesus is among us… Now, with shorter hair.


Of course, it’s a question of personal taste. I know some women who don’t care about this detail, and others who prefer men with long hair. There are also men who don’t like women with short hair…

So, what do you prefer?

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Don’t forget your panties

It’s amazing what you can find on eBay. Take for example this bid. The woman who posted this finally sold only the picture of the crime, because you can’t sell used panties and condoms on this site.

What I particularly like about this ad is that, in the end of the cracking description, she mentioned that she planned to sell her future ex-husband’s Harley Davidson. Because she stole his key. Sweet revenge…

Here’s the object for sale:

She didn’t forget to mention that the panty was way too big and the condom sized small…

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Who has cooties?

Arrggh, I’m angry again.

WIGSF mentioned on his blog he was afraid of girls because they have cooties. So, today, I will also publish a list of people who, I think, have cooties. And sorry, WIGSF, MJK doesn’t have cooties (in fact, I would like to verify that).

  1. The only person on this planet that has the gift to get on my nerves all  the time. Even my mom doesn’t manage to do that on a regular basis.
  2. My boss. And I’m sure most of my colleagues share my view on this…
  3. Her boss, a true idiot with megalomaniac views
  4. George B., the actual (but not for long) US president.
  5. Hugo Chavez
  6. A whole bunch of politicians in my country (the list is too long)
  7. Silvio Berlusconi
  8. Nicolas Sarkozy

I don’t know why, but now, I don’t feel angry that much. Give it a try!

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Is it any wonder?

One of my friends always says that the secret of a long lasting relationship relies on two important things: sex and humor. “The first, because it creates a special bond with your partner. But alone, it’s not enough. The second one, because it creates also a special bond with him, but also, it allows you to take the drama out of every situation” she said. So, in a partner, she will seek for sexual compatibility but also a great sense of humor in a potential partner. “That’s the key, I don’t care about anything else” she said.

When you think about it, those two elements combined together make it really hard to find your match. We’re not compatible with everybody sexually speaking, and laughing at someone’s jokes requires you to be on the same wavelength than the other. Have you ever tried to watch a foreign comic show? If it’s the case, did you laugh at all the jokes? Personally, I find it very hard. When I visit my family in the United States, we often watch with my cousins TV shows, and they laugh their ass off the whole time while I laugh from time to time at some of the jokes. There were things like play on words I didn’t catch, or reference to events I didn’t hear about. The reverse situation is also true. My cousin, who speaks French, didn’t laugh so much at the French comedies she saw when she came to visit us.

Of course, there are some universal jokes, that make everyone laugh. Thankfully. Yet, you will have a better chance to fully enjoy a potential partner’s jokes if both of you come from the same background, cultural and social. So, in a sense, this could be a great indicator for finding your match.

However, alone, this element isn’t enough. “I went several times on a date with a guy absolutely funny the whole time. Each time, I spent the whole evening laughing and laughing, I couldn’t help it. But when we got a little bit more intimate, I realized he was using the laughter to hide a huge depression” K., 34, said.

Sigmund Freud had a theory about this phenomenon, it’s called a coping mecanism.

So, do you agree with my friend’s theory?

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Are you listening?

Back in College, when we used to have oral examinations, one of my friends gave me a trick to relieve my stress: “try to imagine your teacher in his underwear“. Since then, I always use that trick whenever I go for an interview, and I must say sometimes, I have a hard time to remain serious during my work.

Recently, I had to interview a CEO for an article I was preparing for my newspaper, and it went, let’s say, a little bit odd. We were sitting in front of each other, and after ten minutes, he just stood up to fetch a drink and I couldn’t lay my eyes off of his body as I imagined him in his underwear. And the result, judging just by how tight his shirt was around his belly, wasn’t that pleasant. It reminded me of a trembling jelly.

I couldn’t help grimacing at that vision, and just at that moment, he turned around, and saw that look on my face. He was still talking when he left his chair, and when he caught me looking at him, he just said: “are you listening?” Gosh, it was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

When I told that story to my colleague, she immediately burst into laugh and couldn’t stop giggling for a whole ten minutes. She said she also looks for underwear and she could easily tell if a man wears boxer, brief, nothing or a short. “Generally, if he’s wearing a short or nothing, it’s easy to spot because you can see his balls hanging freely in his pants” she said.

I asked my friends to see if they also have this strange habit, and one of them told me she only cared if the guy is handsome. “If he’s not, I try not to look at him, otherwise I would feel some disgust, and like you, I can’t hide what I’m thinking” she said.

So this is it, I have a twisted mind.

Do you also imagine people in their underwear?

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I stole this meme from WIGSF. Hope he doesn’t mind… Here it goes

My roommate and I once … too long to explain. A hint: he once played his Dr. McSteamy

Never in my life have I eaten horse. Eeeewwwwwww

High school was full of hopes and promises.

When I am nervous I bite my nails (which happens all the time)

My hair is brown.

When I was 5 I was desperate because my sister was born, and I knew I would never be the spoiled and sole child in the family… That would explain why I started to terrorize my classmates at that tender age.

By this time next year I will be biting my nails

I have a hard time understanding … mathematics

You know I like you if I do want to see you again/ talk to you

My ideal breakfast is to have time taking it…

If you visit my hometown you’ll be desperate. It has recently been elected the ugliest city in the world. Just for that, I’m proud of it.

If you spend the night at my house, you have to be invited and promise to do some cleaning… It will be necessary.

My favourite blond is Maynard with a blond wig

My favourite brunette is Maynard with a brown wig

The animal I would like to see flying is an elephant. I would love to see a real Horton, that would be fun. Maybe he would hatch the egg…

I shouldn’t eat chocolate

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Too much worries

I’ve been told I look like Brenda, in Beverly Hills 90210. Yep, that sucks.

If I could have any car it would be a mini cooper. The coolest car on earth, but not reliable at all. Maybe I should ask for a mini cooper and a garage mechanic.

If it’s a tag, it should be passed, so DDTD (even if I know you don’t like tags), WishBoNe, Raindreamer and Cricket, it’s your turn. Don’t thank me for that…

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Window in the skies

Let’s start on a lighter note today.


Yesterday, everyone of you couldn’t ignore it was April’s Fool Day. I learned that the New Kids of the Block are reuniting and going on tour. I still hope it isn’t true.

I mentioned in a previous post how men can age well with time, well, those dudes from that horrible band are a true exception to that.


Then, I couldn’t stop giggling yesterday because my newspaper managed to catch a big fish with the joke we put in the headlines yesterday. Most of our readers did understand it wasn’t real, but the guy, a CEO of a big company and quite arrogant, just fell into the trap. He made a fool out of himself alone (with our little help) by calling all of his professional contacts to check what was going on, and just for that, we couldn’t stop laughing. 👿


More seriously, I also read yesterday the sad story of a father struggling to get a contact with his son, who’s been kept away in Kenya by his ex-wife. Love and hate are opposite feelings, yet so close and so similar.

When it’s over, some of us can’t accept the situation and start to hate their ex. It’s not a good solution, because as long as you keep hating him/her, it just means that he/she’s not out of your head, and that you still try to have a connection with your ex. “He dumped me for another woman, and it took me some times to get over the break up. I was so angry and jealous afterwards that I couldn’t focus on anything else, including turning the page. I called him many times and hung up as soon as he picked up the phone, I waited in front of his apartment just to see if he was with her, I spied on him. I was pathetic. I hated him, but I hated myself even more for turning into such a fool. A friend of mine helped me realise I was going in the wrong direction, and that I should focus on myself to try to forget about him”P., 35, said.

Some of us can’t let it go and decide that because he/she didn’t want us anymore, he/she will regret dumping us. That’s why they choose to revenge on their ex. There are some sweet revenge that just help you to turn the page for good, but for some people, it doesn’t stop there. They want basically to ruin their ex’s life, like the mother living in Kenya mentioned above.

So, do you yield to hate when it’s over? And how was April’s Fool Day?