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The wrong shoes

Some time ago, I had a very long conversation with one of my coworkers about the sense of life. He asked me about my professional career, and I told him I went working for the banking sector before joining my newsroom.  This wasn’t a choice for me. I took this because I had no doors opened in the world of journalism at the time.  He also worked in the banking sector before joining our newspaper.

But he’s not a journalist. He didn’t study journalism in College. He’s an engineer. When he told me that, I was a bit shocked. Many journalists I met have either studied law, journalism or economics, but this was the first time I met an engineer. He just told me he did study this because his parents wanted him to do that. He added he was not really happy during his studies, and also, he didn’t like his job when he worked for the banking sector. He hated his coworkers. His only way out was the opera at the time. He spent his weekend traveling in various cities to see various shows. This is how he met his wife, who’s a soprano. When he met her, he told me he found the courage to change his life. He became her impresario. And began writing articles for various publications, mostly about music.

Little by little, he got interested in other topics than music. And this is how he ended in my newsroom.

I got reminded of this because of one article I read this morning. In the comments, people told the writer to change his life, if he was unhappy with his. It’s not easy, but people who want to manage to do so. One of my friends used to be a lawyer, and hated it. She just followed the path her parents chose for her when she was younger. She left her job one year ago to become a cook (an excellent one), and she even found her significant other during her cooking lesson… And she ‘s happier now she made that change. Like I said, happiness is the most powerful weapon of seduction 😉

Sometimes, life also forces you to make a change. One of my ex’s got fired from his job he didn’t like. But so far, it’s been three years now he’s searching for a new direction in his life. And when I met him, he wasn’t that happy of his situation. Others do manage to rebound and find a new direction. I met once a man who was the CFO of a big company, but got fired when his company merged with another one. He decided not to pursue his career in his sector, but took a 180° turn and is now the owner of a restaurant.

But in the end, no one can decide for us what direction our life should take. We can’t dream someone else’s dream for long. It can only bring us frustration. Like Steve Jobs said in his Stanford commencement speech in 2005, we have to find what we love in life.