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Did you lose yourself somewhere out there?

…Did you get to be a star?

Thanks to F…book, I ‘ve reconnected with some old acquaintances I haven’t seen for years. Among those, there were my old classmates, and this is how you can see if you have succeeded in your life, or if you’ve stood still since high school. That’s how I learned that J. is now still pursuing his Ph.D. at University, while D., also a Ph.D, is now an expert for the WHO, and A. a judge for our national court. This also how I learned that D., the wannabe rockstar of my class circa 1994, is still a wannabe rockstar today, and hasn’t managed to keep one single job.  Then, the gossips. J. is not anymore with I. who left him for P., J.’s best friend, because she was fed up with his multiple infidelities. L. and H., who used to date when we were in high school and whom everyone thought they would end up married together sooner or later, did get married, but divorced two years late because H. decided he prefers men after all…

I must say I don’t like that much that blast from the past, and that I find it sometimes humiliating to compare your personal path with your old classmates. When I was in high school, there was already a social distinction between all of us, but also that life has sometimes decided otherwise for some paths. The ones who have a wealthy family  were more likely to make brilliant/long studies plus multiple travels to enrich their culture, but I’ve noticed that some of them tailed off. The most beautiful girls in my class are now not so beautiful anymore (sigh). The ugliest girl in the class, whom everyone bet she would be a true spinster, is now happily married.

Although it’s difficult to tell when you’re a teenager what would you become when you’ll grow up, who you are at that age will draw your future personality. I think it’s very hard to deviate from this scheme.

So, do you like to reconnect with your old classmates?