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Just like a pill

Apparently, the contraceptive pill isn’t good for us, women, because it makes us choose the wrong partner, and this can lead to infertility. According to a scientist from Liverpool, we tend to choose instinctively our partner with a different genetic make-up, but with the contraceptive pill, our ability to do so is simply disrupted. Worse, when women are already on the pill when they meet their significant other, this could lead to a break up when they decided to stop taking it.

Indeed, one of my friends told me she divorced from her husband after she stopped taking the pill three years later. She said that she didn’t feel attracted to him anymore, and that she had multiple fantasies on other men, but not him. “It was horrible, I felt attracted to many men, but he just left me cold. I was tempted twice to cheat on him, despite I tried anything to reignite the flame. But in the end, I realized it was useless, and I prefered to leave him than to cheat on him”  she said.

Does this mean that we should drop the pill before we pick a partner? That’s a difficult question. One of my friends told me that since she dropped the pill, she’s felt different. “There are times when I feel really horny, and times when I don’t feel any particular envy. Besides, my PMS are much more noticeable now, and I don’t like that much, because I know I’m such difficult during those periods, and hard to bear for my entourage” she says.

What do you think about that?