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To wish for impossible things

We all want things we know we can never have. When we were kids, we had tons of desire our parents were (fortunately) unable to fulfill, like for instance a pony or tons of candies all of the time. Of course, some of us had that chance when they were kids, but is this making us more happy?  I’m not sure. The more we have, the less we’re able to appreciate what we have.  As we grow old, we don’t take our distance with that logic. In fact, we will still long for things we can’t have and get bored easily with what we have. In love, it’s the same. We will long for people that are still strangers to us, while sometimes, the person we share a relationship will bore us to the maximum. I guess it’s a question of keeping the flame of love alive.

But what if we want someone we know we can never have? The first solution is to make yourself a reason and move on. The second is to try to have him/her at any cost. But is this worth the sacrifice?  Recently, one of my friends admitted she has fallen in love with a man she knows she could never have. She’s married, he’s married. They don’t come from the same social background at all. They don’t have a lot of common points.  He’s much more older than her. And she will have to sacrifice her career if she ever wants to be with him. On top of that (and that’s the key point), he’s not into her at all.  So, all in all, this makes a long list of hurdles. And the question is: is it really worth it longing for a guy who will never ever be hers?  Here, it depends on our charachter. If we were spoiled as a kid, chances are we will do anything to reach our goal, with the consequences it would bring. But if we weren’t, chances are we will give up after some time. Every feeling needs a solid ground to blossom. If not, it will die by itself. We can’t be delusional for a long time. Reality will always remind us of its existence.

The best way to illustrate this is when you fall in love with a star. For example, George Clooney. Unless you’re a hot  young waitress working in Hollywood (and you will have competition), you know (like most of us) you will never have the chance to date him.  I know that I will never have MJK :mrgreen: The reasons are: he’s married, he’s a star, he’s much older than me, and on top of that, he doesn’t have a clue about my existence.

Some people are way out of our league. That’s just the way it is.

So, who do you fancy (and you know you will never have)?

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The power of love (really?)

One question is occurring in my mind right now: is it the power or the uniform that drives woman crazy? As a former top model turned singer-a-bit-too-intellectual-with-a-reputation-of-maneater has just hooked up with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, we could definitely admit that power exercises a strong attraction on women. Just look at a simple city hall meeting with the mayor. Even if he’s not good-looking, you will find women that will wet their pants for him. But for the uniform, can’t we say that it also give an impression of power to the one who’s wearing it? Examples:


  • The doctor
  • McDreamy

If he’s not a gyno (well, even gyno attract women, judging by the multiple people ending on my blog), the doctor is a fantasy for a lot of women. Especially since TV shows like E.R. or Grey’s anatomy have come up with a bunch of sex symbols like Geooooorge Clooney and Patrick Dempsey. The doctor is also synonym of a certain social status. I still remember when I was in College how some girls would just wait outside the medicine faculty to get a future MD. So, the doctor carries an idea of power underneath his white blouse.


  • The soldier
  • Jake Gyllenhall
    Behind the soldier lays the ability of a man to defend his country, hence defend his woman. Isn’t that a real power?

  • the police officer
  • Bad lieutenant
    Well, as long as he doesn’t look like the chief Wiggum, it will do. Hum, not for me, though. The police officer has the power to stop criminals, but he also sees the downside and the evil of humanity, which leaves him bitter. This isn’t a good example.

  • The fireman

Again, he’s supposed to fight against fire, there’s something really impressive in this.

So, if you’re attracted to men in uniforms, maybe you’re after their power/authority too. At least, that’s my opinion. But a friend of mine doesn’t necessarily agree on this. “I admit I fantasize a lot on soldiers and firemen because they’re supposed to have a fit, hence hot body. That’s the only reason I see” she said. Well, she may be right, after all :mrgreen:

So, are you attracted by men/women in uniform?

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My goodies

Reality is sometimes harsh with you. You land a very handsome man/ drop dead gorgeous woman, and he/she sucks miserably in bed. So, this following question is really important : how could you know in advance if the person in front of you is a good shot? And that’s a tough question. So, I ask around me about this topic, and I got the following answers.

I look at the way he dances. If he can’t dance, then he can’t bang. So far, this prediction has worked for me. I haven’t met the exception to this rule yet” B., 29.

You can tell if he’s a good lover or not by the way he eats. And especially what he does with his mashed potatoes in his plate. If he makes a volcano with his mashed potatoes, then he’s childish and you couldn’t expect him to treat you like a real man in bed” T., 35.

“If he’s a good kisser, then it’s promising” P., 30.

It’s in his attitude. If we have a dinner together, and he only talks about himself, then he won’t have much consideration for you in bed. And he’s the type to ask you afterwards: So, it was good?”O.,35.

Too drunk, that’s a bad lover. I had once sex with a guy so drunk that he fell asleep during the act” K., 30.

It’s difficult to determine. A man can be a good lover to one woman and a bad one to another. I believe in the compatibility of the bodies” T., 29.

“It depends on your personal tastes. You won’t necessarily like what he does to you, while another woman would” J.,29.

I just follow my instinct” L.,32.
“If she’s picky with her food, then she would be hard to come”R., 35.

If he eats like a pig, then he would lack of originality in bed”E., 37.

So, could you tell if a person is a good shot in advance or not?

NB: Why the sushi? Drunk american has got the answer :mrgreen: