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Sleeping with the enemy

I read once an interview of Katherine Heigl, who said that since she’s married, sex has never been so good because you can let yourself totally go when you feel in safety. Maybe she’s right, but this doesn’t prevent some people to sleep with the person they truly hate.

One of my friends did sleep with a guy she hated because she was drunk and so was he at a party, and that’s how it happened. “We were in high school in the same class, and we couldn’t stand each other. I thought he was stupid and arrogant, he thought I was just meaningless. Years later, we met in a party, and as the evening went on, we got completely drunk. I can’t remember much things after the bar, but when I woke up in the morning and saw him laying on the bed next to me, completely naked as I was, I understood. I didn’t want to pursue a relationship with him after, and he didn’t want to either” she said.

My other friends think they won’t sleep with the people they don’t like or hate. But it depends. “If it’s just for sex and I fancy the guy nevertheless, then I would sleep with the guy I hate” one of my friends said. “It depends on how much I hate the person” another one said.

Alcohol can help you getting closer to the person you hate, but remember that hate and love are often linked with each other. Reasons why we hate each other are sometimes unjustified. I hate some people that have done me no harm (OK, one of them did try to ruin my career as a journalist and is a schizophrenic) and some people don’t like me even if they don’t know me personally. It’s just how we feel about the others.

Besides, sleeping with someone you hate means that you do trust him/her enough to let him/her touch you. Except of course, if you’re doing it for the money. In this case, some people will accept anything from anyone.

So, could you sleep with someone you truly hate?

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Window in the skies

Let’s start on a lighter note today.


Yesterday, everyone of you couldn’t ignore it was April’s Fool Day. I learned that the New Kids of the Block are reuniting and going on tour. I still hope it isn’t true.

I mentioned in a previous post how men can age well with time, well, those dudes from that horrible band are a true exception to that.


Then, I couldn’t stop giggling yesterday because my newspaper managed to catch a big fish with the joke we put in the headlines yesterday. Most of our readers did understand it wasn’t real, but the guy, a CEO of a big company and quite arrogant, just fell into the trap. He made a fool out of himself alone (with our little help) by calling all of his professional contacts to check what was going on, and just for that, we couldn’t stop laughing. 👿


More seriously, I also read yesterday the sad story of a father struggling to get a contact with his son, who’s been kept away in Kenya by his ex-wife. Love and hate are opposite feelings, yet so close and so similar.

When it’s over, some of us can’t accept the situation and start to hate their ex. It’s not a good solution, because as long as you keep hating him/her, it just means that he/she’s not out of your head, and that you still try to have a connection with your ex. “He dumped me for another woman, and it took me some times to get over the break up. I was so angry and jealous afterwards that I couldn’t focus on anything else, including turning the page. I called him many times and hung up as soon as he picked up the phone, I waited in front of his apartment just to see if he was with her, I spied on him. I was pathetic. I hated him, but I hated myself even more for turning into such a fool. A friend of mine helped me realise I was going in the wrong direction, and that I should focus on myself to try to forget about him”P., 35, said.

Some of us can’t let it go and decide that because he/she didn’t want us anymore, he/she will regret dumping us. That’s why they choose to revenge on their ex. There are some sweet revenge that just help you to turn the page for good, but for some people, it doesn’t stop there. They want basically to ruin their ex’s life, like the mother living in Kenya mentioned above.

So, do you yield to hate when it’s over? And how was April’s Fool Day?