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I’m on fire

I’ve got a bad desire

I was reading recently a magazine where it said that it’s important to masturbate to have a blooming sexual life. This left me a little bit puzzled, since I know around me plenty of women who don’t masturbate a lot, even not at all, and yet feel fully satisfied with their sexual life (and they said that very honestly).  I do belong to this category too. The article said it was important to see yourself in an erotic scene, and that masturbation was a good way to reach that state. I’m not sure. Maybe if you’re a very liberal person, masturbation is the cherry on top of your cake. But when you’re not, how do you reach a satisfying sexual life? The answer is simple: either you don’t have one, either you just rely on your partner to feel desirable.

“Well, I have a really satisfying sexual life, but I don’t touch myself, and I don’t use any sextoy either. Does it make me a terrible lover? I don’t think so. I think it’s BS. What’s important to me is to feel my man’s desire” R., 34, said.

“My man has helped me to feel desirable. He knows how to touch me. He just showed me how to discover my pleasure. But I must say I prefer coming with him than without him”E., 35, said.

“I’m a very cerebral person. My sexual life is also based on that. I need to feel intellectually stimulate to reach an orgasm. Masturbation isn’t a thing for me. But to hear him saying some special words, to see him in some particular circumstances, in particular scenarios, where he can surprise me, that is really turning me on” L., 34, said.

I need to see myself in his eyes to feel desirable. This is my way”  H, 30, said.

So, do you think masturbation is important for your sex life?

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I touch myself

Who do you think about when you masturbate? When I ask this *ahum* delicate question around me (and not to my colleagues), people answer generally by this:

“My man”

George Clooney

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy,…”

My colleague

My boss

Personally, it depends. I have a few selection, and it varies, except for two. One is the lead singer of a band often mentioned here, the other one lights up my life. :mrgreen:

What about you?

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Wicked games

I was invited last Wednesday to a Sex Toy Party in one of my friends’ house. These upperware parties are getting more and more popular everywhere in Europe (and elsewhere too) as they give the opportunity for women to buy sex toys without going in a sex shop, too embarrassing. These meetings also go hand in hand with much laughs and discoveries. Laughs? I couldn’t resist looking at all the women seating around me to see their reactions. Bottles of alcohol were circulating heavily during the night, so even the timid ones were drawn out.  There was this woman who wanted to try everything, from the vibro to the multiple massage creams and oils. There was this other woman who had obviously drunk too much and shouted all the time the seller showed us a new toy. There was one who kept on asking questions like “If I use a vibro, will I still want my man after?”. Another one really seemed digusted by all this, and just passed quickly every toy to her neighbour when it arrived in her hands.  Another one was making jokes with every toy that passed. And another one kept on commenting on each toy, saying the vibros were too noisy, the creams didn’t smell good and made her sick, the vibrating duck made her itch, … And another one really seemed disappointed by the price of the vibros.

Among the things that marked all of us during this evening, there was this.

If you don’t know what’s this, here’s the answer: anal beads. But unlike Wikipedia says, it’s not for women, according to the demonstrator. Yep, it’s for men, as “men have their G-Spot in their anus”. Suddenly, everyone stopped laughing.

There was also this.

Geisha Balls. The demonstrator told us more and more women used these when they’re doing their shopping.

Then this.

A vibrating egg. The woman who kept on asking questions asked if there was a wireless version of it, and the saleswoman replied that yes, but it tends to get lost inside the body…

Then, there was the lingerie, with the infamous slit panties/thongs. Personally, I prefer going Lindsay/ Britney/Paris style rather than wear these.

At the end of the evening, most of the women present settled for the handcuffs and the vibros. I still wonder if anyone took the anal beads…

So, are you into sex toys, or not?