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Cruel summer


Summer is about to begin, and with the season, summer flings will come along too. Some of us have experienced this when we were teenagers. It was the parenthesis of our school year, the souvenir we would bring from our vacation. The object of our summer love was a local, or someone who spent his/her holidays in the same resort than us, and most of these relationships were meant to fail. But it can happen that these would pass the summer test. I guess it depends on a lot of factors.

When I ask around me what people hoped from their summer love, some of them tell me that they just go with the flow and just forget themselves during that short period. “It’s like my personality, who I am, is on holiday too. I try not to think about anything, not to worry about anything. And I know that if I find someone during this period, I would just let my emotions guide me, but I don’t attach myself to that relationship. It’s like I’m someone else. It’s magical. But I know it won’t last, because I have to go back to reality”  F., 24, said. “Oh, it’s a quick way to win back some self confidence. And I don’t care who I seduce, as long as he’s not mean. I don’t try to make it last two. Usually, if it happens at the end of the holidays, it’s better. I know that I have a few chances to break up because time is running out. So, it leaves me with two or three days where I just enjoy the other’s company. And then, it’s back to normal”M., 25, said.

Some people use the summer to test their power of seduction too. And they will try to score with the most eligible bachelor in the holiday resort, aka the hot waiter, lifesaver, or local playboy. But they will have competition. Sometimes, a lot of it. When the hottie yields to your advance, you feel empowered. But if you’re not, the pill can be difficult to swallow. This kind of relationship is meant to fail.

The relationship that can pass the summer test is based on a mutual recognition. I believe you can meet your significant other during the summer, during your holiday. If you realize you have a lot of common points, you are both available, attracted to each other, it can work. But we hardly act like ourselves during our holidays, so this can be pretty difficult.

So, do you think a summer fling can last?