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How’s it gonna be?

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends who’s madly in love with a man but isn’t dating him, because they can’t get closer. “I have  tons of brakes that keep me from rushing in and telling him how I feel. I’m afraid it won’t work. I’m afraid we don’t live in the same world. I can’t speak when he’s near me. I feel so useless, and I think he deserves someone better than me” she said. “The problem is that I don’t know how he feels about me. I’m convinced he doesn’t care. But maybe it’s my fault: I keep sending him the wrong signals” she added.

I told her that she should let him make the first move, and she replied he already did, but she pushed him back. “I didn’t know what to reply to what he said” she said. And what did he say? “He was happy to see me” she replied. “It was on the phone, and I just told him nothing“.

For me, this isn’t a sign he’s interested. There are many ways to show your interest for someone, but a simple sentence which has nothing ambiguous isn’t one. I know my friend loves him, and it’s really hard to accept you don’t get your love back. Maybe she should try to overcome her fear and tell him the truth. At least, she will know how he feels about her. It’s the only way (and I know, as a journalist, that you always have to confirm any information, and not just found it on presomptions).

So, how do you show your interest to the person you fancy?