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Why men pay for prostitute, and some don’t

In France, the minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem wants to pass a law criminalizing men who pay for prostitutes. In Sweden, it’s been ten years such a law is applied. It hasn’t stop men for paying for sex though.

In my country, on the weekends, towns like Ghent see a lot of young Frenchmen coming and hang in their red lights district. Sometimes, these guys are a source of trouble as they get drunk and violent. But my country hasn’t taken any action against prostitution. So, if France votes for this law, I guess we will see more French men coming for paid sex in my country.

I ask myself why men want  to pay for sex. Recently, a friend of mine complained to me about his neighbor, who has a very active sex life, with a different partner every night. “He told me he met all of his women at a bar not very far from our building. It’s a bar for single people, or people who want to be considered as single. For the women, if they want to get laid, they just put their handbag on the counter” my friend says. He swears all these women aren’t prostitute.

Another friend of mine told me he met a lot of women on dating sites who were just looking for sex. “They were waiting for me to come at their place. Usually, they opened their door while they were almost naked” he said. And he swears he used only well known dating sites, not those specialized in escort girls.

But I’ve met some men who need to go and see prostitute. One of them is married, but he’s fascinated by black women…

Rich or poor, some men can’t help seeing prostitutes, even if they’re married. Recently, in France, a former minister got caught in a scandal with escort girls. He was married, and had a heavy turnover of mistresses, yet, he needed to see prostitutes.  Even Justin Bieber seems attracted by escort girls, as he was seen recently exit a brothel in Brazil. But here, I don’t understand, because music stars usually have groupies who wait for them at the end of their concert, who would do anything to have sex with them. For free.

There are also special cases. Some men are unable for relationships, because they are socially disable. In my office, we have someone like that. He’s overweight, has difficulties to bond with his coworkers and he seems to be affected with the Asperger syndrom.  We all know he’s seeing from time to time prostitutes who work not far away from our office.

Unfortunately, all prostitutes are not free of their choices.