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Do players ever change?

I had slept with many women during a certain point. All I wanted is to have a different woman in my bed every day, but it changed” said one of my acquaintances, recently, when I asked him why some men can’t be satisfied by one woman. “Since I had my lawsuit against that woman who claimed I have harassed her sexually, I haven’t been able to sleep with women again. I don’t trust women at all” he added. (That woman seems to be the one who makes him pay for all the women he didn’t respect…).

Yet, I can’t help thinking his fear will disappear over time. But my acquaintance isn’t young anymore, because he’s not far for his sixty birthday now. Some men are not hindered by their age to continue to seduce as many as women anymore. Even if their body  don’t respond well to their desire anymore. As age makes men have difficulty to have an erection…

But what is a player? A player is a guy who only wants to have sex with you. That’s the common player. They try everything to sleep with a woman. When they get what they want, they disappear from your life.

Some of them don’t disappear completely from your life. I had an ex who was a player. He asked me if we could remain friends. When I accepted to have a drink with him after our breakup, he tried everything to have me back as a sex friend. But only as a sex friend, aka someone who will accept to have sex with him whenever he wanted.

While other men can be clumsy with women, the player knows how to get to his goal. He can be patient if you don’t sleep with him on the first night. One of my friends told me  one of her ex’s even waited for two months to have sex with her, only to disappear after their night with each other. He just told her he didn’t see any future with her, and then disappeared.

But my friend suspected him to be a player, because he was very secret with his phone while he was with her, and wasn’t that available to her during the weekends. “I’m sure he saw other women as well as we were together. He had always something else to do” she said.

Her fears turned out right, because her ex was involved with two other women while he was with her. She only discovered that after months.

There are signs he’s a player. If he isn’t interested in you and doesn’t make time to introduce you to his world, his hopes, his fears, his friends,… he may just be interested into sex with you and that’s it.

What to do then? Well, if you want to, sleep with him as early as possible. After all, it’s the best way to get rid of him quickly. Don’t try to make him wait for you. It’s the best way to hope for a hopeless relationship with someone who’s not interested into committing to you.

Usually, the player is terrible in bed. All he wants is to enjoy his pleasure. He doesn’t care about yours.  Some of them have their pride, though, and want to leave a good impression so you can tell to your friend they are a good lover. Yeah, they’re delusional.

celibacy, life, love, men, relationships, thoughts

Why can’t I be you? (Stealing your partner’s personality)

In theory, we should never change who we are or what we want for the one we love. But in real life, it can happen we can adopt the personality of the person we are dating. Especially in the six first months of any long term relationship.

When we fall in love with someone, we fall for the person who holds the promise of changing our life. So it’s not impossible to adopt the personality of the one we love.  If we find ourselves changing for a partner, maybe it’s because we want that change.

We may fall for someone who is different from us for that reason.  But we are all different even if we share some common points. Because we have each a personal history, which makes us who we are.

That person we are attracted may seem different because he/she can have some features very different from us, like blue hair, a certain style, … or some  crafts like hosting dinner parties, a knowledge about beers, a long list of travels, or whatever it may be.

But really, we are looking at those differences because we want to be that different. It’s a way of reinforce us in a sense.

I remind this story about a guy who falls in love with a woman who likes to swim with sharks, while he was afraid of water.


One of my friends told me she fell in love with a guy who didn’t drink and was socially awkward, while she was a party girl. At first, he was positive influence for her. Because she stopped drinking and going out, she could focus on her work. And got a prize for it. But eventually, she got tired of him, because he didn’t like to go out, while she wanted to have some social life.

In a way, it’s like an extraverted falls for an introverted. Many couples are like that.

Some do survive, because of compromises.

Some do not.