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Still young at heart

Today, it was impossible to avoid this “news”.


Why? Because they were married until he left her for another woman. So, people can’t help hoping they will get back together after all. But it doesn’t look very improbable.

Maybe they are still friends with benefits? Or just friends? Who knows?

It only shows they are still young at heart. Because both of them are over 50.

This morning, I also heard an interview of a writer who said they are not many plays about women over 50. “It’s like they are invisible in art” she said. “As if a woman over 50 doesn’t have an desire anymore” she added.

So Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston write on their own their play about love above 50, with or without being together again.

At least, it’s a relief he doesn’t appear with a much younger woman than him.




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