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The eternal bachelor

Awwww, George Clooney. I could have chosen a less appealing bachelor, but hey, since it’s the start of the week, I thought it could cheer some of you up.

I’m not gonna talk about the love life of George Clooney, though. I don’t know him and I’m not gonna speculate on all the gossips around him.  He just represents the perfect example  (and the most known) of the eternal bachelor.

Around me, unfortunately, I have less sexy versions of the eternal bachelor. In the tiny world of journalism, you can find a lot of them. I guess it’s because of the freedom this profession gives us…  Our office whore is officially back on the market. She just ditched the father of her child. I lost my bet because I was the optimistic one who bet she would stay for a while with the father of her child. In case you wanna know, yes, we do make a lot of bets in the office about the probability for couples to stay together or to break. But the bets only concern a list of people we know they have a love life as exciting as Parasite Hilton’s pants.

Our office whore has slept with almost every single guy in the office, and she also wrecked some couples. The duration of her numerous relationships changes a lot. Her last one stayed for almost three years, though.  She had fallen in love with the guy.  When they hooked up three years ago, some of my colleagues said that she wouldn’t keep him for long because it’s not her nature. Well, they had it right.  But I’m sure she won’t stay single for long. At 42, even with a child, she still got it going on.

M., 53, has married just three years ago. Before that, he used to collect women like Imelda Marcos/ Celine Dion would collect shoes.  So we were quite surprised when this perpetual bachelor announced to us he would get married. Recently, however, I learn that he has a mistress and he’s considering  a divorce. He will never change…

These two belong to the category of the hearthrobs. But there’s also another category of eternal bachelor:  les vieilles filles (the spinsters)  and les vieux garçons (the bachelors).  One of my former neighbours is an old maid. At 49 year old, she has never married and we don’t know her any man. In fact, she was engaged when she was 25, but her future husband just disappeared into nature two days before the wedding. I guess she doesn’t want to have her heart broken again after such a terrible experience.

One of my friend’s mother is still single too. And my friend told me she has never seen her mother with another man since she divorced 25 years ago with her father. She also told me that her mother thinks she’s better off alone.

F., 45, is another example, but this time for the men. We don’t know him any serious relationship because all the (few)  women who tried to start something with him just ran away with disappointment  after a few months. What’s wrong with him?  Well, he’s just too selfish. He spends his entire day playing with his computer, and nothing else matters.  His friends told me no woman on this planet would have the patience to handle him.

Of course, these profiles are extreme examples of the single people on this planet. For them, it seems that they will be forever single. But for others, this situation may be just temporary.


5 thoughts on “The eternal bachelor

  1. Oooh hello George! hehe Such a handsome specimen…

    I say, there’s a lot of “interpersonal” activity that goes on in your office….! Must be something about people who work in the media, heh…

  2. Yes, there’s something about people working in the media. I used to work for the public television of my country when I was a student, and everyday, I heard stories about this journalist sleeping with that journalist/ cameraman/ graphist, you cannot imagine. Compared to the TV, my newspaper is calm. 🙂
    Ha, George [sigh].

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