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Even the most beautiful people of the planet struggle with love

We  all don’t start with the same chances  in life, nor in love. If you are gifted, particularly for your physical appearance, you get a better chance in life and love.  To find love, it’s always a question of seduction first. No matter what some people says, physical attraction plays a big part in the beginning of a relationship.  Have you ever noticed how beautiful people find easily a partner compared to those who aren’t gifted by nature?

For some couples, seduction even constitutes the cement of their relationship.  And, let’s be honest, when you want to keep the flame of love burning, you try to watch yourself just to please your companion. But how far will that go ?

Around me, I have lots of female friends who worry too much about what their partner thinks  about them. “Will he still loves me if I do this, say that, wear this, get fatter, older…?”  is the kind of sentences I always hear from them.  But I noticed that even the celebrities deal with that problem. Recently, I read an interview given by Laetitia Caesta , a famous french model, who basically explained her fears about not pleasing her partner anymore.

Some of my friends are just persuaded they’re not smart enough for their man, so they try to improve their cultural knowledge. Some others want to improve their appareance. This is where it becomes to be dangerous.  Some people spend enormous amounts of money on beauty creams, makeup, and even surgery for that.

Of course, some people use surgery and other articifial means because they aren’t satisfied by the way they look.  But there are examples where the woman got a breast augmentation just because her man loves big boobs, or dies her hair blonde if she’s a brunette just because her man loves blonde.  So the point is this: why doesn’t their man  like them as they are?

I do understand that, if you met the man of your dream when you were then blonde and thin, and years later, you have put on a lot of weight and change your hair color, he misses those early days. But if you haven’t change since the first time you met, then there ‘s a problem.