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The best place to find love


According to a recent study conducted in the USA, 60 % of the employees interrogated recognized they’ve had  one love relationship or more at the office. If we believe these statistics, work is therefore the best place to find love, far beyond the bars, dancings, and other common places where we used to flirt before.

This situation also applies in many more other countries than the USA. But, unlike in America, most companies don’t forbid relationships between their employees. In some big companies in Europe, the directions have applied a certain code where a couple cannot work in the same unit or team. I bless this decision, since in my company, it is allowed for a couple to work in the same team or same unit, and this brings a lot of odd situations. How many times we have felt embarrassed at work because we’ve assisted to a fight between two of our colleagues who were lovers ? The truth is that I don’t like much knowing those details on my colleagues. It’s their private life, nobody in the office has to know.

Why is the office the best place to find love? Well, it’s simple, it’s where you spend most of your time. One of my friend told me that at her office, one of her colleague tried to flirt with her and said to her ” Don’t you realize you spend more time with  me than with your partner ? “.  She got a little depressed after that (if you ever meet her colleague, you would understand why).

How does the relationship starts then between two colleagues ? It often happens during the pauses, or special events organized by the company/ or the unit. For example, one of my friend fell in love with with one of her colleague during her company’s Christmas party. Another woman I know started a relationship with one of her colleague after a Friday drink. In those cases, alcohol helped them a lot.

The office is a quite convenient place to find love, but it also brings a lot of inconvenients.  For example, if you start dating one of your colleague in front of everyone in the office, while you are married or committed in another relationship, chances are your partner will sooner or later know everything about it. Especially if one of your colleague is your worst enemy or if he/she cannot hold his/her tongue.  In one of the previous companies where I used to work, one of the employees had an affair with the receptionist. Her wife discovered everything and came one day at the office with bags full of his clothes.

 Another inconvenient is the break up. When you go separate ways with your partner, you don’t necessarily want to see him or her straight away after the break up. So except taking a long holiday or leaving your company for another one, you have no choice but to face your ex right away in the office. If your relationship with him/her ended on a sour note, it can be difficult to confront him/her in the office. And if he/she started straight away flirting with another colleague, it can be hurtful too.


One thought on “The best place to find love

  1. Michael says:

    As to my opinion,there is never a place or a time for true love,it happens accidentally in an easy flashing throbbing!!!…… Whr one could find his/her love partners doesnt depend on whr he/she find themselves buh it happens accidentally… The world is a place where we lead u to love someday.

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